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Moving is no joke! While it can be a very exciting time it is also a very stressful time because there is so much to be done at both houses. Not only was it important for me to make sure my new home was ready for us to move into, I also wanted to leave the house we had been living in spotless so that we could get our deposit back.

There was lots to be done and although I am not sure how, it all managed to get done. While it is stressful, there are some moving tips and essentials that may relieve some of that stress.


  • This has to happen at your previous home and at the new one, so don’t pack up your cleaning items until the very end.

Essentials: Bounty ® Select-a- Size, Swiffer ® WetJet Mop Starter Kit. *We had to clean the bathrooms, mirror closets, the floors in the entire house and all the cabinets and counter tops, which involved lots of paper towels. Plus, there were lots of floors to clean.


  • I waited to the very end to pack up my clothes because we did a combination of putting them in contractor bags (especially for my shoes and purses) and transporting them in a comforter. Actually, we had people helping us move, so we just left the clothes hanging in the closet while they loaded up everything else in the house.
  • As you pack your clothes, I suggest going thru them and getting rid of anything you haven’t used in a while, is no longer your style or no longer fits you. This way you are packing less and not bringing unnecessary stuff to your new house.
  • Laundry is never ending so don’t pack up the laundry detergent because I found myself doing laundry at the old house up until we moved and starting laundry immediately at the new house.

Essentials:  Tide ® PODS ® Laundry Detergent because it’s a 3-in- 1 laundry solution — detergent, stain remover and brightener. That means I don’t have to worry about having anything other than the pods for my laundry to get done the right way.

Tide Pods


  • Whether it is because of the previous owners/tenants or like in my situation because of the construction and painting, when the new house has a particular odor you don’t care for, it’s an Air Refresher to the rescue!

Essentials: Unstopables™ Air Refresher, Fresh Scent, because it infuses the air in your home with a boutique-worthy fragrance that last for up to 6 hours.


Oh, I really disliked this part because it felt never ending…but I eventually did. You can do it!!!!

  • In addition to needing boxes (in different sizes), you should also purchase packing tape, newspaper, bubble wrap, stretch film wrap (for the valuables and furniture), permanent marker (for labeling) and contractor bags (for blankets, towels, shoes and purses).

I know some of this seems obvious but I actually forgot about having newspapers to package the items in which resulted in me having to go and find some while some of my family members were there waiting to help me.

  • Be sure to properly label your boxes.
  • Although there may a lot of space left in the box, be mindful of what you fill it up with so that it doesn’t become too heavy. While I tried to keep it organized by room, I did make sure there was a combination of heavy and lighter items. Do not overfill the box.
  • Save packing up your cleaning items (including paper towels) for the end since you’ll need to use it to clean your old house and for cleaning up your new home.
  • Set aside things you may need in one box as you pack that way it is all in one place and easily accessible.

Essentials: Charmin ® Ultra Strong 24 Double Roll Bonus Pack

Important Reminders

  • Make your moving truck reservations with a lot of time so that you can get the truck size you want.
  • Try to set up all of your utilities (including cable and internet) prior to the move (if time allows).
  • Don’t forget to close your previous home’s accounts (something I forgot to do)
  • Submit for a change of address at least a week before the move (something else I forgot to do).
  • Do a final walk through of your home before you leave for the last time to make sure nothing was left behind.

What are some of your moving tips and essentials?

Moving can be a stressful time, but there are quality brands available at Walmart that can help make your home move-in ready like Bounty®, Swiffer®, Tide®, Unstopables™and Charmin®.

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