Just when you think you have a handle on the whole parenting thing, something happens that serves as a friendly reminder that you really don’t have a handle on it…not in the least bit. Parenting is quite the adventure! One I love and one that definitely keeps me on my toes.

Knowing how much goes into raising 2 kids, I sometimes wonder how parents of more than 2 kiddos survive handle it all. Imagine if you were raising 6 kids, all of whom are the same age…what would that be like? I can save you the time of imagining it because there is a new series coming to UPtv, Growing Up McGhee, that will give you an inside look of what that would be like.

Growing Up McGhee June 8 Sustaining

Growing Up McGhee shows how parents Rozonno (Ro) and Mia McGhee balance taking care of six children (who are six year old sextuplets that made history on June 9, 2010 as the first set of sextuplets known to be born in Columbus, Ohio) while also running their carpet-cleaning business. That should be interesting with six kiddos, right? I have yet to find balance in my life, so I’m interested in seeing how they make it happen.

On to meeting the McGhee kiddos: Elijah, Issac, Josiah, Madison, Olivia and Rozonno Jr. (their names are not in the order of how they appear in the picture).


From watching their trailer (which you can view below), you can tell they like to have a good time with each other and having fun is something we can all use a lot more of in our lives.

Be sure to tune into Growing Up McGhee every Wednesday at 9 PM ET on UPtv!