February 16th couldn’t come soon enough. I anxiously wanted to see Marvel’s Black Panther movie and thankfully I didn’t have to wait until then. I have actually already seen it (I know! My husband and son are not happy about that either). When I found out that I would not only be watching the movie earlier than it’s theater release date and that I would be doing so at its world premiere with all of the cast in the theater with me, I wanted to do some flips (not that I know how to, which is exactly why I didn’t).

All dressed up in a black dress with Gold accents, I was ready to hit the purple carpet. The energy at the Black Panther World Premiere was different than the others I had been to, it was at a whole other level. It all seemed to go by so fast but I definitely took my time making my way into the theater.

There was so much that I wanted to take in, so many things happening that I wanted to capture on camera and so many celebrity selfies I wanted to take, LOL (which can be found below).

Once inside the theater, with no phone to take pictures with, I had a few more celebrity sightings. I saw Snoop Dogg in the lobby and Usher passed right in front of where we were sitting as he made his way to his seat.

Before the movie started, the entire cast came out on stage and of course the crowd went wild. Angela Bassett even got a standing ovation. Seeing all of the Black Panther cast on stage together was awesome!!! I’d like to tell you that they saw little ole me sitting in the second row but that is probably not the case (Unlike when Vin Diesel smiled at me while on stage for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 World Premiere Event).

Here are my Black Panther World Premiere Celebrity Selfies…

Yara Shahidi

Meagan Good

Storm Reid

Pom Klementieff

Craig Robinson

Garcelle Beauvais


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You are going to want to go and see Black Panther when it hits theaters on 2/16!

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