The Coca-Cola Company provided me with a Keurig® KOLD™ for this review. All opinions are my own. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this website.

Leanette Fernandez using the Keurig Cold

I love Sprite. Actually, I LOVE Sprite. To further illustrate my affection towards Sprite, I love it so much that I am a bit of a Sprite snob. It needs to be so bubbly and fresh that when you take that first sip you feel it in the back of your throat as it makes its way down (you know what I am talking about). While that used to mean making sure no one drank the last Sprite can (to ensure I had one when I wanted one), I have discovered a new way to enjoy that same freshness with a touch of a button…thanks to the Keurig® KOLD™. It has transformed the way I you can make cold beverages at home.

I’ll admit that I thought my snobbish ways would make it so that I would be hard to please but it was good…really good! We actually filmed our first time using the Keurig KOLD so that you could see how it works AND see my reaction to trying it. Check it out here…

Here’s what you should know about the Keurig KOLD…

    • Only takes 90 seconds to make your beverage.
    • Easy to use. Simply, remove the freshness seal from the bottom of the pod, pop it in, push the button and it does the rest.

Jared using the Keurig Cold

    • Your drinks are perfectly chilled, about 39°
    • It makes 6 beverages in a row before needing 15 minutes to re-chill BUT if you are hosting an event, set it to party mode to make 30+ drinks in a row.

Andrea using the Keurig Cold

  • It is perfectly portioned for 8 oz. beverages (most having 100 calories or less).
  • Makes soda and seltzer drinks that are perfectly carbonated without a CO2 canister.

Enjoy Still and Sparkling Beverages at the Push of a Button with Keurig KOLD…

Leanette drinking Keurig Kold Sprite

The Keurig® KOLD™ is the first personal cold beverage system to fresh-make still and sparkling beverages chillingly cold at home, which means my family and I can make (and enjoy) our favorite Coca-Cola drinks fresh at home with the push of a button! Plus, you can also make iced teas, seltzers, craft sodas, flavored waters and cocktail mixers.