Finding ‘Ohana had the kids and me laughing throughout the film! That had a lot to do with the dialogue between the actors and the funny one-liners. I went ahead a compiled a list of my favorite Finding ‘Ohana Movie Quotes for you. Oh, and be sure to check out these Finding ‘Ohana Fun Facts!

Finding 'Ohana

Finding ‘Ohana Movie Quotes

  • It smells like – Pili
  • Old people and disappointment – E
  • That’s what get for being a Salty bunghole – Pili
  • Forgive me for rubbing my butt on your pillow and giving you pink eye – E
  • You know what’s stupid, your face – Pili
  • You guys look taller in the picture, more skinny too- grandpa
  • No pepper, no salt, no flavor. Who is this for? we ain’t white – Pili 
  • It’s short for equal pay, am I right? – E
  • Casper you can’t sneak up on a New Yorker, people die by doing that – Pili
  • You speak Spanish don’t you? – Casper
  • I got tired of explaining to people that I was Puerto Rican so I just learned it – Pili
  • Hand it over Mongoose – Kimo 
  • Of course it’s real girl, look at it – Kimo
  • Papa’s going to teach you, if you don’t drown first – Kimo
  • You are hardly there for us and we live with you – E
  • I know, Jessica Riley just told she was going to make out with me – E
  • Don’t tell me now to cry when I’m trying not to, it doesn’t help – Pili
  • Also, why is your hair color the same as your nips? – E
  • Trust me, adults are dumb and I’m adorable – Pili
  • I wasn’t that bad. Come on barfy, let’s go – Pili 
  • She’s in the bathroom making a poop – E
  • Oh. She’ll be a while. That girl needs more fiber in her diet – Leilani
  • Every man for himself! …I come in peace- Pili
  • Come on barfy – Pili
  • That was one time- Casper 
  • That smells like – Casper
  • The butthole to Hell – Pili
  • Keanu is a Hawaiian treasure- Hana
  • I just want to grab my sister who thinks she’s Indiana Jones – E
  • Chill your ginormous nips – Pili 
  • What are the odds it’s metaphorical? – Hana 
  • Get your butt out of my face – E
  • Your face is in my butt – Casper
  • Get your face out of his butt E – Pili 
  • But the wolf spider is endangered – Casper
  • I’m endangered- E
  • Do you think that was the last time she shaved her legs? Pili
  • Is the floor literally lava? – E
  • I do have a lot of muscle now that I think about it – E
  • Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do, you almost fell – Hana
  • Just shut up and pee – E
  • They are better to each other than we are – Pili
  • I got it – Pili
  • You’re not acting like you got it – E
  • Just so you know, if you let go, I’m not responsible for your death – E
  • It’s OK, we can still be friends – Casper
  • I have a confession, I’m not as strong as I look – E
  • Cheese on Rice – Casper
  • I’m doing that thing where I go from being worried to being mad, call me… – Leilani
  • They’re dead and dead people own nothing – E
  • You should never disturb a place that does not want to be disturbed – Kimo
  • Listen cave, I ain’t got no beef with you but I’ve got to do this for my papa – Pili
  • You got me so scared you butthead – Pili
  • Dad was so handsome…that’s where I got it from – E

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More about Finding ‘Ohana

A summer in rural Oahu takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn-raised siblings when a journal pointing to long-lost treasure sets them on an epic adventure with new friends and leads them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.