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Transitions-ADA Vision Screening Events

Sight is one of the most important senses! I love looking at my babies and seeing them grow up (even if it freaks me out that they are growing up way too fast).   That being said, I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like if I were to lose my eyesight. As bad as that would be, I feel that losing your vision as a result of a preventative illness is so much worse. Did you catch onto the key word in that sentence, “preventative”?

Unfortunately, people have lost their vision from illnesses that could have been prevented. This is why Transitions Optical wants to help build awareness for the importance of preventative eye checks, so that this horrible situation doesn’t happen to you or someone you love.

That’s where education and knowledge come in and can prove to be valuable. is a valuable resource (provided by Transitions Optical) for learning about healthy vision. While you’re on there you can experience what it’s like to lose your healthy vision/sight because of a vision disorder, an eye disease or an environmental factor.
 You’ll also be able to do a vision self-check and get the results.

So what’s the point of what I am saying? Be sure to take care of your eyes!

Need some motivation?  Think about out what you’d miss seeing if you lost your eyesight (your family, entertainment, nature and more). All it takes is some simple steps, like scheduling regular eye exams and wearing the right eyewear, to make a a big difference in having healthy sight. Since eyewear is a factor, I should mention that Transitions lenses continuously adapt with every variation of light so you can consistently see your best. They also enhance your vision by reducing glare, therefore providing more clarity and better contrast and causing less eye fatigue and strain. Transitions lenses also block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays which help protect the health and wellness of your eyes.

Now that you understand the importance of healthy vision (or at least I hope you do) we can lighten up the mood some…be sure to join the “Summer Eye Safety” Twitter Party that’s coming up soon. It’s scheduled on the first day of Summer 2013: June 19, 2013 from 9-10 PM EST. More details are coming soon.