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9 Energy Efficiency Tips

Summer is officially over and Fall is upon us but living in South Florida means we don’t get the cooler weather Fall brings to the rest of the country. It is hot and because it is so hot, we are using more energy to keep the house cool. That being said (and because October is Energy Action Month), here are a few more energy efficiency tips from Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) you can incorporate in your home (and/or office) to help reduce your energy usage.

9 Energy Efficiency Tips

  • Upgrade your lighting with LEDs. *You can save 75 to 80 percent on lighting costs
  • Replace old showerheads with water-efficient models to cut your hot water usage. *You can save $80 a year in a home with two occupants
  • Use cold water instead of hot water when using your washing machine. *You can save about $30 a year
  • Reduce your water heater temperature by 20 degrees (example, lower the temperature from 140 degrees to 120 degrees).
  • Use a power strip to turn off your desktop computer and accessories when you aren’t using them. *Save about $24 a year
  • Cooling your home can account for more than half of your energy bill which is why having (and using) a smart thermostat is important. It helps conserve energy and therefore lower your bill which is why investing in one is “smart”. *It can save you an average $50 a year.
  • If your AC unit is old, consider purchasing a new, more efficient A/C. For more information about potential savings and a potential $150 rebate, click here.
  • If you have a pool, consider installing a variable-speed pool pump and reducing your pool pump’s run time by two hours or more a day. *You can save over $300 a year
  • Choose ENERGY STAR®-qualified appliances, electronics and lighting to save energy and money.

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Did you know?

FPL launched a new FPL skill on Amazon Alexa that can help us become energy experts. That’s right, now we can get energy-saving tips that can help us save energy and money by simply using our voice.

As background, Alexa, Amazon’s virtual personal assistant, has been around for about two years, and it keeps getting smarter. It lives inside the Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, among other devices, such as the new ecobee4 smart thermostat and can listen to your voice commands and respond with contextual responses to help you get the job done. Alexa can help create to-do lists, shop, and even control your smart home products, like Google’s Nest thermostat, ecobee4 smart thermostat or the Philips Hue Lights.

To get started you must first enable the skill from the Alexa Skill store, say “Alexa, open FPL” to open the skill and then can ask questions like, “How can I lower my bill?” or “What’s your energy-saving tip of the day?”

FPL Amazon Alexa Skill

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