Although a lot of the Disney shows are great, there are some that stand out amongst the rest and Chris Nee is responsible for 2 of the ones our kiddos love. Chris Nee is the brilliant mind behind the hit Disney Junior series, Doc McStuffins and she has done it again with Vampirina. I loved getting that chance to chat with her after screening an episode (you can see part of it below)…as Executive Producer of the show she had a lot to share with us.

Chris Nee and Leanette Fernandez

Vampirina Fun Facts

Chris Nee in Vampirina Interview

  • Vampirina can go outside during the day because of an intense sunblock she puts on. “It is a very intense sunblock and we do talk about it in the episodes. Obviously you have to find a way to get past that piece. There had originally been a line in the pilot, which would have stopped a lot of Twitter chatter that addressed it and it just got lost for time because there was so much we wanted to do emotionally in that episode. But, it will come up later on…There’s an episode where they go to the beach during the day and in fact that all gets screwed up because it turns out they of course forgot to bring the sunblock…”
  • Gregoria is the character that Chris relates to the most. “I really wanted the comic relief and I really like intense specificity of character and you can see that on Doc [McStuffins] where everyone’s really solidly who they are.”
  • The role of Gregoria was written with Wanda Sykes in mind. “I wrote Gregoria for Wanda [Sykes] having no idea she would say yes. That character was the biggest leap of faith because she’s a very cantankerous character for a preschool show. There were moments where I had to say, ‘I promise you it works in my head, it works in my head.”
  • Chris really likes Broadway music and puts a lot of that music into the series.
  • Vampirina is the first Disney Junior show with a Broadway musical sound…Broadway composers, Dimond and Kooman are the music composers for the show.
  • Mister Gore’s character is based on a teacher Chris had in 6th grade. “…He’s actually kind of different from the character here. So, Mister Gore was my sixth grade teacher and he was a Korean War vet and he actually had a plate in his head and he was the guy who always wore the three-piece suit. So while everyone else, it was, you know, I won’t age myself exactly but it was the nineteen seventies and all the male teachers had the handle bar mustaches and flared pants, and then there was Mister Gore in a three-piece suit and he scared the bejesus out of me. Every grade from Kindergarten up through Fifth Grade you were terrified of the day that you opened up and found out you had Mister Gore, you were like, ‘oh my god, no.’ But every single one of us would say he was one of the greatest teachers I ever had in my entire life from beginning to end. He just asked so much of us and he knew we could do things that we didn’t know we could do. He was an incredible teacher…”

This is the kind of show I won’t mind sitting down and watching with the kiddos. Tune in on the Disney Junior and the Disney Channel and enjoy…

Vampirina Show Times

“Vampirina” tells the story of a young vampire girl who faces the joys and trials of being the new kid in town when her family moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania.

This featurette is from the episode I got to screen while I was in LA. Check it out…