One of the things I really took note of (and loved) during my journey with World Vision in the Dominican Republic was how World Vision helps the community, not just one child or their family. One of the ways they go about doing that is through education. On Day 5 of our trip, we got to see firsthand just how valuable education really is for everyone individually and as a community. We started off our day by visiting a pre-school that was built by World Vision in 2009.

World Vision Pre-School Kids Playing

We were greeted by the cutest little kiddos!!!!

Leanette with World Vision Pre-School Kids

At the preschool, they teach early stimulation classes and concepts like letters and numbers to the children. They also give nutrition workshops to the families. Speaking of families, they are supportive of the school by volunteering their time or by standing up for the school with their local government agencies (which is why they now have 2 teachers).

World Vision Pre-School Teachers

While the government does cover the costs of 2 of the teachers, World Vision pays the overhead costs of the school and the principal. They also provide the school with all the teaching materials and made it so that it is free for children to attend.

Since there are only a certain number of kids allowed to attend both the morning and afternoon programs the principal of the school, Anna, makes home visits at least once a month and provides workshops for those of their families.

Educational support doesn’t stop there. One of the World Vision ADP offices also serves as a vocational training school. Teachers provide vocational instruction in computers, baking, small business management topics, hair cutting and styling. World Vision operates the space, provides all materials for each location and connects students to VisionFund for opportunities to apply for a micro loan to start their own business.

World Vision Vocational Training Baking Class

While checking out their hair cutting and styling program one of its recent graduates was starting her own business and actually had just gotten her license to open it.

World Vision Vocational Training Graduate

Want to Partner with World Vision to help a child and their community?

Looking to help a child succeed in life, like the beautiful kiddos I got to meet? Visit: to find out more on how your $39 a month not only helps a child and their family but also their community. Together, we can fight poverty and help build sustainable communities where children can grow up healthy, strong, and protected!