As school comes to an end and summer vacation commences, I know that I will be entertaining family and friends at our house. It’s what we love to do and the kiddos being off from school means that it happens more frequently. The key to easy summer entertaining involves having a plan and being prepared.

Here are some Easy Tips For Summer Entertaining

Easy Tips For Summer Entertaining

Prior to the party

  • Make sure the dishwasher is empty prior to the party so that all you have to do is load it up as you go (or even after the party)
  • Do as much prep work (decorations, food, cleaning) as possible so you can enjoy time with your guests

Summer Entertaining Decorations


  • Have appetizers and drinks already out so that your guests have something to munch on while your finish up the main food.
  • Serve your food buffet style so that the guests can serve themselves (freeing up your time)

Summer Entertaining Food Ideas


  • Make a music playlist ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about music during the event.
  • For kids, use white butcher paper as your table cloth, dress it up by using 12 inch brown Kraft paper as your table runner. Place crayons and markers in the center for them to use to create their masterpieces.

Clean Up

  • Simplify clean up by having garbage cans and bags out in all of the rooms. The easier it is for guest to throw away their trash, the more likely they are to do it which ultimately means less clean up for you.
  • Clean up your kitchen as you prepare your food so that you have less to worry about cleaning up after.

I can’t wait to entertain over the summer! What are your Easy Tips For Summer Entertaining?