I absolutely LOVE Dolphins, so much so that swimming with them was on my Bucket List because of it (even though I have swam with the dolphins before)!  So, when I got the chance to do the Dolphin Odyssey Experience at The Miami Seaquarium and swim with the dolphins again, I was beyond excited!

Miami Seaquarium Self Pic

My daughter was especially thrilled for me because she knows dolphins are my favorite!  What can I say? Dolphins are just so beautiful and there is something about dolphins that makes me smile ear to ear. It had been over 12 years since my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) surprised me with the Dolphin Odyssey experience at the Miami Seaquarium for my birthday…so it was time to do it again and I was excited to be back.

Dolphin Harbor Sign

They supply you with a wet suits, water shoes and a towel. Plus, you can put your stuff in the lockers they have, so your items are locked up. You’re not allowed to wear any jewelry or hair items during the Dolphin Odyssey because it can potentially hurt the dolphins, so be sure to show up there with no jewelry on. You can take off your jewelry there but you may encounter a problem like I did: when I went to take out my second set of earrings one of them would not budge. I tried, my husband tried, even 2 of the Miami Seaquarium employees tried but nothing…so, I had to wear a fashionable earband the whole time, ggrrr.

Miami Seaquarium Gear

After a brief orientation, we were separated into groups of 3 where we were able to learn about a dolphin’s anatomy.  Fun Fact: A dolphin’s flipper has 5 bones, similar to a human hand and that each dolphin fin is different and that it serves as an identification “fingerprint”?  I found that to be so fascinating.

I got to touch the dolphins belly, the flipper and tail.  They also let us put our hand above the blow hole (keeping a safe distance from it of course) to feel its strength and wow!


We then got to interact with the dolphins and take pictures in the process.  Here I am hugging the dolphin.


I also gave the dolphin a kiss.

Kissing the dolphin

Then we got to take a ride with the dolphin (dorsal pull), which happened to be my favorite part.


With your Dolphin Odyssey experience you can also stay and enjoy the shows and exhibits at Miami Seaquarium which is what my family and I did.  I really enjoyed the the Dolphin Odyssey experience at the Miami Seaquarium! My kids are already asking when it will be their turn so I see us going back.

Miami Seaquarium Fun

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to experience the Dolphin Odyssey in order to facilitate my review. My love of Dolphins and my opinions expressed here are all my own.