Disney and Pixar Adventures Await Me in San Francisco in just 2 days!!!


You know me, I am always up for an adventure which is why I am headed back to San Francisco. Getting invited was a pleasant surprise and I and thrilled to be headed back. I guess I should start packing huh?

While in San Francisco, I have the following adventures to look forward to (and I hope you’ll follow along)

The Good Dinosaur Press Event

*In theaters on November 25th

The Good Dinosaur Poster

I’ll be watching footage of The Good Dinosaur and joining Director Peter Sohn & Producer Denise Ream around a campfire for marshmallow roasting and a slideshow as we hear stories from their research trips. I’ll also be a part of various Filmmaker Presentations to learn more about how the film was made.

Inside Out and “Riley’s First Date” Press Event

*Available on Blu-Ray and DVD on November 3rd

Riley's First Date

I have seen both the movie (when it came out in theaters) and the short film (while at the D23 Expo) and I love them both!!! Not only do I get to screen the all-new short film “Riley’s First Date?” again, I also get to interview:

  • Kyle MacLachlan (voice of “Riley’s Dad”)
  • Phyllis Smith (voice of “Sadness”)
  • Richard Kind (voice of “Bing Bong”)
  • Kaitlyn Dias (voice of “Riley”)
  • Pete Docter (Director of INSIDE OUT)
  • Jonas Rivera (Producer of INSIDE OUT)
  • Josh Cooley (Director of “RILEY’S FIRST DATE?”)
  • Mark Nielsen (Producer of “RILEY’S FIRST DATE?”)

I am really looking forward to the interviews!

Google HQ for Miles From Tomorrowland press event

While I am really excited about visiting Google Headquarters (well because it is awesome), I am also interested in learning more about the importance of encouraging kids, especially girls, to explore STEM fields and how entertainment can play an important role.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Last but certainly not least, we get to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum where I get to lean more about the legend himself, Walt Disney.

If you have any questions about any of my adventures, I’d love to hear them! Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Twitter & Periscope (when I’m able).

Note: I’ve been invited to an all-expenses-paid press event in San Francisco but I have not received compensation for this post.