Birthdays celebrations for the kids tend to be big, even when they don’t start off that way. It usually involves dinner with the family on their actual birthday, cupcakes at school and then a birthday party so that they can celebrate with family and friends. Needless to say by the time all is said and done, I am exhausted! I have essentially planned, prepared and provided 3 birthday parties.

As they have gotten older, I’d like to think I have gotten wiser (at least when it comes to birthday celebrations). Especially when it came to celebrating my daughter’s 9th birthday this year. Why/How you wonder? We celebrated her birthday with 3 special friends at Fairytales Hollywood.

Celebrate Your Daughter's Birthday Like The Princess She is at Fairytales Hollywood

Not only did the girls have an AMAZING time but I didn’t have to worry about a thing while I was there, they took care of it all. I brought in minimal decorations (because the place itself is already decorated), cupcakes, drinks, chips and pizza and they took it from there. They even set everything up for me. All I had to do was sit back and relax. Of course, I opted to take a ton of pictures instead, LOL.

My girly girl daughter has always wanted a spa party, so that is exactly what she got with the Fairytale Special Package: 2 hours of pampering, Custom invitations, Two Tables with elegant tablecloths for cake and food and…

Spa robe for every princess to use during the spa party

Fairytales Hollywood Spa robes

Spa-tastic Mini Manicure

Fairytales Hollywood  Spa-tastic Mini Manicure

Spa-tastic Mini Pedicure

Fairytales Hollywood  Spa-tastic Mini Pedicure

Refreshing Cucumber Facials

Fairytales Hollywood Refreshing Cucumber Facials Collage

* This had my daughter and her friend cracking up!

Custom Makeup & Hairstyle

Fairytales Hollywood Custom Makeup and Hairstyle

*This was my daughter’s favorite part

Princess crowning with Tiara to keep


Fashion Show with Fairy host that includes dress up accessories for use (tutu’s, boa’s, wands and more)

Fairytales Hollywood Fashion Show

*This was so cute to watch them do!

3 Glam girl attendants

Fairytales Hollywood 3 Glam girl attendants REV

*They were super sweet with all of the girls and really went out of their way to make sure everyone was having a good time. You can tell they love what they do.

They also do a Group dance with their glam girls, Art and Crafts (bracelets and tattoos) & have a Karaoke machine (I wanted to use this but I refrained from embarrassing my daughter in front of her friends).

While we opted for the Fairytale Special Package, they do have various packages to choose from; including princess parties and a disco night.

I loved seeing my baby girl have so much fun with her friends! Seeing her smile always makes my heart happy.

Fairytales Hollywood Spa Party

Celebrate Your Daughter’s Birthday Like The Princess She is at Fairytales Hollywood!!!!