With over 100 animals and a ton of activities, there is plenty for you and your family to enjoy at the Brevard Zoo. I know my family did!

Brevard Zoo - TM2S

I was able to snap a picture of quite a few of the animals but the following ones are my favorites..

American Alligator

American Alligator - TM2S

Black Swan

Black Swan - TM2S

Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl - TM2S


Lorikeet - TM2S

You can also see a Bald Eagle, Spider Monkey, Jaguar, Cheetah, Gray Fox and so many more!

Plus, you can participate in animal demonstrations, that rotate depending on the day, including otter, vulture and alligator feedings.

In addition to seeing all of the animals there are quite a few activities you and your family can do at the Brevard Zoo. You can take a ride on the Train, pet the animals at the Petting Zoo, let the kiddos run around the Playground or go on Treetop Trek Aerial Adventures. You can even go Kayaking or do the Paddle Boats.

You can also…

Feed the Giraffes

Giraffes - TM2S

*Treats are only $2 which is a great price!

Participate in a Rhino Encounters

Rhino - TM2S

and my favorite…Feeding the Lorikeets

Feeding the Lorikeets - TM2S

For more information about Brevard Zoo (including pricing and directions), visit their website.
My family and I had a fun time at the Brevard Zoo!!!
Brevard Zoo Family Pic - TM2S
Brevard Zoo Collage