I mentioned earlier this week that I was able to get an inside look at the making of Big Hero 6 by speaking with directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, learning how to draw Baymax and recording a voice over for the movie but in addition to that, we also got to Jamie Chung & Genesis Rodriguez who voice the characters of GoGo Tamago (Jamie) and Honey Lemon (Genesis) in the film.

Genesis Rodriguez and Jamie Chung

What was your favorite part about playing the character that you played?

Jamie Chung: …Go Go doesn’t say a lot at the beginning of the film but when she does say something, it’s very on point and it’s quite sassy…she’s described to me as the Female version of Clint Eastwood. It was fun to sass it up…if I said a line with too much of a smile, the Directors Chris and Don would say to do it a little bit meaner…

Genesis Rodriguez: For me, it was having to be so positive all the time. I really feel like I was acting a fool and I was getting paid for it. It really is just the biggest blessing to have these warm and loving characters, cause you’ll never get to play that kind of part in a live action thing…it’s like a dream come true to be able to play these strong female characters and bring that down to future Generations.

Have you voiced an animated character before?

Jamie Chung: Oh I mean nothing on this caliber. You know, once you’ve done a Disney Animation Film, it’s like kind of the top of the top, you know what I mean? You’re good. I did do a cartoon for a different Network and it was a half hour and then everyone got fired, like the cast, the writers, everyone. That was kind of the worst experience.

Did you like a strong having a strong Female Movie Character?

Jamie Chung: Absolutely…what I love about this film is that there is no stereotype. It kind of breaks all of those boundaries in terms of being a “Nerd”, and being “not cool”, like this is the absolute opposite of that. In terms of strong female characters, like Honey Lemon and Go Go, they are so different from each other and yet they both represent strength in their own way.

Disney’s great about this. It’s not like a cookie cutter example of a strong woman. They both come in different shapes and sizes, and different shades and what not, and that’s what I love about this.

What was the audition process like for you?

Genesis Rodriguez: What’s weird is that I did the audition exactly like Honey Lemon and I hadn’t seen the character at all. I took a very bold fashion choice. I did socks in heels and I did an undershirt and then a dress over it and I don’t dress like that at all and I don’t know why I went like that and then I saw Honey Lemon and the way she dressed and I thought this is freaky.

Jamie Chung: Disney’s doing a project called Moana and it’s background story is Polynesia, and they had me come in and do the voice of the character Milano. It was a big table read and all the big wigs were there, like John Lassiter and the creative team of the project…So luckily, I did a good job and John Lassiter asked me to come in to read for Go Go for Big Hero 6.

Did you add your own personality to the Characters?

Jamie Chung: I think the interesting thing is that when you add a voice to it, the personality really does come alive. If you look at each character and compare them to the person that’s playing them, they embody that character. Genesis to me is Honey Lemon. Her own personal attributes are what kind of gives this character life. I think that’s what they did with casting, they wanted the characters to kind of represent the actors that are playing them.

Other than your Characters, who’s your favorite character (excluding Baymax)?

Genesis Rodriguez: Fred is hysterical. What’s funny is that T.J. is such a great comedian and he’s like totally Fred too.

Jamie Chung: I liked Wasabi.

It was a pleasure getting to chat with Jamie Chung & Genesis Rodriguez. BIG HERO 6 is now playing in theaters everywhere! Click here for my thoughts on the movie.

Genesis Rodriguez, Jamie Chung and Leanette Fernandez

* Disney flew me out to LA to attend the Big Hero 6 premiere and interview the cast of the animated film. All opinions are my own.