Family vacations are always fun, but when you travel with “framily” (friends that are more like family), it’s a different kind of unique vacation experience that is totally worth it. Not only are you sure to have a good time, but you also walk away with special memories and a deeper connection. Thankfully, my friends and I were able to experience a “framily” vacation to Fort Myers.

friends at a restaurant in Fort Myers

Given that we always have a good time when we are together, I knew we would have fun, but I recognized that a group of 20 could have been cause for various issues. Thankfully, there were none and we had the best time.

It was exactly what we needed to take our friendship to another level and create memories we still cherish to this day. More information about our trip to Fort Myers is now up on Alamo’s Scenic Route Blog, which you can check out by clicking here. Not only will you find recommendations of things to do while in Fort Myers (just in case you are thinking of going or currently planning a trip to Fort Myers), but you’ll also find tips to help your group vacation be a successful one.

friends at a beach in Fort Myers

Think beyond family for your next vacation…