While in LA, we headed on over to Madame Tussauds for a fun morning of exploring the museum (more on that in a future post), making our own wax Gauntlet (using our hands), watching some bonus footage from Avengers: Infinity and chatting with Trinh Tran. As the executive producer on Avengers: Infinity War, Trinh Tran played a vital role in every aspect of making the film that left us filled with a whirlwind of emotions. Having started at Marvel when there were only about 20 people and having been the executive producer to 2 other Marvel films, she knows her stuff!

Trinh Tran

Here is what Trinh Tran had to say…

Avengers Infinity War Interview with Executive Producer Trinh Tran

Deciding who would survive

“It was pretty difficult. Sitting in the story meeting we really had to make the decision of yes, who we want to survive so that we could tell the next story and we sat there and we boarded out, we brainstormed, we’d sit in the room, we hash it out every single day, involvement in pre-production and it was really trying to figure out how this was going to connect to Avengers 4 and we wanted to be able to tell a story, you know, I won’t get into it much because I don’t want to spoil anything but there is a specific reason why some of these people survive.”

Fun Fact: When Mackie comes on set, nothing ever gets done because he’s so much fun and everybody wants to talk with him…they’re never on schedule when he comes on set.

The story they wanted to tell

“We really wanted to tell a different story which is why Thanos was such a prominent character and had a prominent role in this but not that bad guys are good. We really wanted to raise the idea, that in doing so, a debate about society now and how he really thinks that what he’s doing is right. He feels that with limited resources out there we’re going to head that direction. And what he’s doing is absolutely wrong but his belief, he feels so strongly about. So we wanted that conversation.

On the good guys not winning in the end

“…I think people always assume that the heroes are going to win at the end of every single movie and we wanted to challenge that. We wanted to say, you know what, it’s OK, sometimes it doesn’t happen but they are still Super Heroes. So, for kids out there, it doesn’t matter what happens, they’re gonna find a way to overcome it.”

Fun Fact: She also used to be an assistant to Marvel Executive, Victoria Alonzo

Deciding which characters to pair together

“…when we worked on the story, we really tried to figure out which Character made sense with each other. We call that strange alchemy, putting Characters together that you normally wouldn’t see ever.”

Putting Iron Man and Doctor Strange together

They “wanted to see the Ego vs. Ego and where that was going to go.”

Fun Fact: They referred to their pairing as “Goatee vs. Goatee”.

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Avengers: Infinity War will release on Digital HD 7/31 and Blu-ray & DVD 8/14.

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