Thank you to LD Entertainment for hosting my attendance at the Dog Days premiere.

Pete Shilaimon, Producer, Nina Dobrev, Rob Corddry, Jon Bass, Mickey Liddell, Producer, Finn Wolfhard, Jessica St. Clair, Elizabeth Phoenix Caro, Michael Cassidy, Ken Marino, Director, Vanessa Hudgens, Tone Bell, Eva Longoria at the World Premiere of LD Entertainment’s, “Dog Days”

The stars came out on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon for the world premiere for the new movie Dog Days.

I’m Amy from As The Bunny Hops, and Leanette was kind enough to invite me to take a walk down the green carpet on her behalf and share here at Funtastic Life!

Canine-inspired decorations were everywhere at the Dog Days premiere.

There were fun activities for the kids in attendance, including a balloon artist ready to create a puppy you could take home.

It’s not a party without refreshments, and there were plenty of fun food and drink options. My personal favorite was the candy bar, where you could fill a bag full of your favorite treats.

Ken Marino at Dog Days premiere August 5, 2018

Dog Days‘ director Ken Marino was out and enjoying the party the entire time, and his enthusiasm for the film was apparent.

Tone Bell at Dog Days premiere August 5, 2018

Tone Bell stars as Jimmy in the film, and he’s part of a scene that made me ugly cry during the screening.

John Gemberling at Dog Days Premiere August 5, 2018

John Gemberling is the other half of that scene and he made me laugh out loud. It’s not easy to laugh out loud while you’re ugly crying, but somehow they made me do it.

Phoebe Neidhardt at Dog Days premiere on August 5, 2018

Phoebe Neidhardt plays the world’s funniest weather forecaster in Dog Days.

David Koechner at Dog Days Movie premiere August 5, 2018

I also had the chance to chat with David Koechner during the party.

Karan Soni at Dog Days Movie premiere August 5, 2018

Karan Soni, Deadpool’s favorite taxi driver, was also kind enough to stop for a picture.

Puppy at Dog Days Movie premiere August 5, 2018

Of course the biggest stars of the day were all of the rescue pups in attendance, ready for a quick cuddle on the green carpet, and hopefully a new forever home in their very near future!

I’ll be sharing more about Dog Days here at Funtastic Life this week. You can watch Dog Days in theaters on August 8, 2018.

From actor/director Ken Marino (How to Be a Latin Lover), Dog Days is a hilarious and heartwarming ensemble comedy with an eclectic cast of characters both human and canine. Elizabeth (Nina Dobrev) is a charming newscaster, settling into single life and battling the on-screen chemistry with her new coanchor and former NFL star Jimmy Johnston (Tone Bell) while seeking advice from her dog’s therapist Danielle (Tig Notaro). Tara (Vanessa Hudgens) is a spunky barista who dreams of a life beyond the coffee shop with her crush, hunky vet Dr. Mike (Michael Cassidy), while her friend Daisy (Lauren Lapkus), a lovelorn dog walker, is enamored with a client she hasn’t quite met yet. Meanwhile, Garrett (Jon Bass), owner of New Tricks Dog Rescue, pines after Tara while trying to keep his struggling dog adoption business afloat. Soon-to-be parents to twins, Ruth (Jessica St. Clair) and Greg (Thomas Lennon) reluctantly leave their big mischievous mutt in the care of Ruth’s brother Dax (Adam Pally), an irresponsible man-child in a band with his ex-girlfriend Lola (Jasmine Cephas Jones). Grace (Eva Longoria) and Kurt (Rob Corddry) anxiously await the arrival of their adopted daughter Amelia (Elizabeth Caro), whose life inadvertently converges with that of Walter (Ron Cephas Jones), an elderly widower who’s lost his overweight pug. Tyler (Finn Wolfhard), the neighborhood pizza delivery boy, befriends Walter and helps him search for his beloved pet. Dog Days highlights the everyday connections between people and their dogs in Los Angeles as they uncover life lessons and new relationships in this romantic comedy in the vein of Love, Actually and Crazy, Stupid Love.