This is a sponsored partnership with Little Remedies: A Little More Wisdom. All opinions are my own.

As parents, we can all use a little more wisdom during cold & flu season (which, unfortunately, is now upon us). Thankfully, Little Remedies® debuted its new book, A Little More Wisdom, a FREE parenting resource for caring for your baby’s health and wellness, from day one. A Little More Wisdom offers parents wisdom to help navigate some of the small bumps in the road that come along with parenthood with parenting tips, advice and health and wellness inspiration from the best experts.

Who are these experts? A Little More Wisdom is written by Jennifer Bright Reich and illustrated by Laura Zarrin, with medical expertise by Little Remedies® pediatrician Dr. Sue Hubbard. The book was designed to help parents get through some of the most common situations that they will face when caring for their baby. Hopefully it will also serve as a reminder that they are not alone.

From crying to colds, tummy troubles to traveling, the book provides insights for some of the most common situations related to your baby’s health and wellness and helps answer some of the most common questions parents have, including:

  • How to calm and soothe your new baby
  • Tips for traveling with your baby
  • Advice on caring for your baby when he/she is not feeling well
  • How to help your baby sleep through the night
  • Top 10 Baby Essentials
  • Various Notes and Ideas

Plus, there are Words of Wisdom for Moms, from Moms and lots more content.

Only available online, you can now download your copy for FREE:

As parents, we don’t have to do this by ourselves and it is OK to need help. I am just thankful there are resources available to us that we can use during these difficult times.