Because sometimes you just need to laugh or you just may cry! Here is a collection of 2020 Post Election memes.

Post Election Memes

I should probably state right from the start that I fully understand how important this election is and that I am in no way trying to make light of the situation. However, given that there is so much in the air still (3 days after the election), I need a good laugh to help me cope with all this uncertainty. So, if you are anything like me and could use a good laugh (or even a slight chuckle), I hope you enjoy the collection of 2020 Post Election memes.

*I have not included any that attack a specific political party because I am not about the drama, only about having fun

A Collection of 2020 Post Election Memes

Election Groundhog Day Meme
Post Election Meme
Post Election Meme
Post Election Meme
counting ballots
Tiger King Election Meme
Carole Baskin Election Meme
Maury Povich Election Meme
Steve Harvey Election Meme
Counting Ballots Meme
Chick Fil A Ballot Meme
Election Meme
Wife election Meme
270 Election Meme
Election Results Waiting Meme
Nevada Counting Ballots Meme

Do you have any other good ones? I’d love to see them and maybe even add them to this post.