What do you do with an old toothbrush when you switch out for a new one? While you would normally toss them in the trash can, here are a few ideas of ways you can Reuse Old Toothbrushes. I love this because it allows us to get the most use out of an item which is the best way to get the most for your money or avoid spending money you don’t need to spend. It’s a Win Win!

12 Ways To Reuse Old Toothbrushes - TM2S

  • Use them as scrubbing brushes for the dirt on harder vegetables, like potatoes and pumpkins.
  • Remove dirt from underneath your finger nails.
  • Remove mud or tough dirt from the treads of your shoes.
  • Bring a splinter to the surface by softening your old toothbrush with hot water and soap and lightly rubbing it over the splinter. It should bring it to the surface of your skin.

Here are some ways your old toothbrushes can be used to clean items:

  • Clean the grout in between tiled floors.
  • Clean difficult areas of the bathroom, like the faucets, tiles and the hinges of your toilet seat.
  • Clean small areas of the house where mildew and dirt piles form.
  • Clean your silver
  • Clean bike chains. Maybe even apply WD40 on the chain as well.
  • Clean small oil/grease marks off tools/benches, etc.
  • Clean your computer keyboard.
  • Clean & polish your jewelry.

Important: Before using it around your home, you should clean the brush with bleach to avoid any spreading of germs AND you should also label it with permanent marker is best so that no one uses it in their mouth again.  If you used it to clean your home, you should keep it stored with your cleaning supplies just in case.

Are there any other ways in which you have used an old toothbrush? I’d love to hear your tips & tricks.