Ever get some news that was so good that you just couldn’t stop talking about it that entire day (maybe even in the days that followed)? or so good that it left you distracted the rest of the day (not that it takes much to distract me)?  Assuming you all said “yes”, you’ll understand just how I felt when I received an invite to go LA this March . While a trip to LA is nice, it’s all the amazing things I’ll be doing while I am there that caused this much excitement.

Disney Event March 2014 - TM2S

On March 9th I’ll be flying to LA where I’ll be attending the red carpet premiere of MUPPETS MOST WANTED (opening in theaters on 3/21) and interviewing Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and additional cast and filmmakers from the movie!

I’ll also be screening Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (opening in theaters on 4/4) and interviewing some of its cast and filmmakers at the press junket!

Plus, I’ll be screening THE PIRATE FAIRY (available 4/1 on Blu-ray Combo Pack) which my daughter is a bit jealous about because she really wants to see this movie.

AND I’ll visiting the Bears exhibit at the LA Zoo after screening Disneynature’s BEARS (opening in theaters on 4/18) on the Walt Disney Studios lot.

Then I saw these words on that same email “BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!”

I’ll also get behind-the-scenes tours of hit shows GREY’S ANATOMY (oh my goodness!), GENERAL HOSPITAL and THE MIDDLE.  I’ll also get exclusive sneak previews of the series TROPHY WIFE, SHARK TANK, RESURRECTION on the ABC Studios Lot. Plus, while on the set of GREY’S ANATOMY, Jessica Capshaw (“Dr. Arizona Robbins”) will be our tour guide (Whoohoo!!!).

Now do you see why I was (and actually still am) so excited?

I am so honored to be attending with 25 other fantastic bloggers and once I know more about what we’ll be doing I’ll let you know. While I am in LA, feel free to follow along with me on Twitter & Instagram. We’ll also be using the following hashtags: #MuppetsMostWantedEvent, #CaptainAmericaEvent and #ABCTVEvent

Disclosure: I have been invited by Disney to this all expenses paid press event. However, All opinions are my own.