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As a mom of two kids who seem to be growing up way to fast, I am constantly reminded that enjoying activities as a family is so important!

Yes, there are times that enjoying activities as a couple or even alone are good for your relationship and for you but when you have small children, doing as much as possible with them is just as important. Here’s how I see it…I only have the kiddos for a limited amount of time before they are off doing their own thing, so I need to make the most of that time.

The time I have with them needs to be spent teaching them, caring for them, loving on them and creating as many special memories with them as possible. Sounds easy enough right? LOL

Nope, it’s not easy but it is doable especially when we do activities together as a family. Every moment together is a teaching moment, a moment I can hug and kiss them (with the hopes of them not wiping it off), caring for them which usually involves feeding them (that’s where snacks like Honey Maid Go Bites come in) and of course creating memories, which thankfully, occur naturally. See…it’s doable!

Here are a 3 tips to make your family activities more enjoyable:

1. Plan an activity that everyone in the family will enjoy. That usually means everyone wants to be there and they are in good spirits.

2. Go with the flow. Things are bound to not go as planned, don’t let it ruin the time you are getting to spend together.

3. Keep snacks handy (and that is not just for the kiddos, my hubby and I) so that no one gets hangry (hungry and angry).

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