Our summer vacation is coming to an end. I’m not sure why it happens but in most cases the adults are way more excited about the new school year starting than the kids are. OK, OK, I know exactly why that is.

In my case, it is actually bitter sweet because I love having the kiddos home with me over the summer BUT with all that we do over summer vacation, I AM TIRED! (how come they never get tired?…it’s not fair!)

As we (both the the parents and the kiddos) mentally prepare for the upcoming school year, I thought I’d share a funny ‘Twas The Night Before School Started Poem for you to enjoy! After all, with all the stress of preparing for the new school year, we can use a good chuckle.

'Twas The Night Before School Started Poem

Twas The Night Before School Started Poem

‘Twas the night before school started
and all through the town
The parents were cheering
It was a ferocious sound.
By nine the kids were bathed
And tucked into bed
When memories of school work
Began to fill them with dread
With thoughts of new backpacks
New Lunchboxes too
New teachers, New friends
Their anxiety grew and grew
The parents just shrugged when they
Learned of their fright
And shouted to their kids
Go To Sleep – It’s a school night!

– Author Unknown

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'Twas The Night Before School Poem