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TracFone Samsung Galaxy Stardust Photo Taking

When your cell phone is in your hands, what do you find yourself doing the most of on your phone? Is it making calls? taking pictures? social media engagement? Maybe the games? I find myself taking a lot of pictures and sharing them on social media.

Can you keep a secret? Good.

I’d love to tell you that I take a ton of pictures and video because I am a blogger and that it is part of my job but the truth is that I’d probably be doing this anyways. I love taking pictures and I love taking videos because it allows me to document moments I want to one day look back on. That’s why, I find myself using my phone to capture special family moments or for photos I’ll use in my posts.

With my Samsung Galaxy Stardust thru TracFone, I can take photos regularly or in selfie mode (which is all the hype these days, LOL) but I have taken my photos to another level thanks to exploring the various camera modes available. For the most part, I keep my phone on “Auto” but I have been adventurous and have been trying out the other modes: “Night”, “Sports”, “Panorama”, “Beauty face” and my favorite, “Sounds & Shot”.

Sounds & Shot Mode

“Sounds & Shot” is the one I am having a lot of fun with because it allows me to enrich my photos by adding up to 9 seconds of background sounds. Let’s say you are at the beach and want to get a picture of the ocean, you can use it to also capture the sound of the ocean as well. So far, my favorite “Sounds & Shot” photos have been ones of my kids and I. That’s because it usually involves some laughter or silliness. This one was more heartfelt and I absolutely love it!

Do you like taking a lot of pictures and/or videos? What is your favorite camera mode? Is there another one that I should be exploring more?

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