Can you believe that the Swan Princess is celebrating their 25th Anniversary!!!

The Swan Princess DVD

We did some celebrating of our own with a Swan Princess Inspired Movie Night. They sent us a few goodies to help make that happen! Aren’t these products adorable?

The Swan Princess Products

We got the Swan Princess: 25th Anniversary DVD, a Swan Princess backpack, a coloring book, a film soundtrack, a Swan Princess crown and necklace and Swan, Jean-Bob, Puffin plushes! It was great watching this classic with my kiddos!!!

The Swan Princess has the following special features on the Blu-ray disc:

  • 5 sing-alongs
  • Looking back at 25 years of The Swan Princess
  • The Swan Princess: The original making of

More about The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess is an animated, musical adaption of the fairy tale, “Swan Lake.” An aging king (Dakin Matthews) and a widowed queen (Sandy Duncan) arrange a marriage between his only daughter and her only son, despite the two children’s initial dislike of one another. Eventually they fall in love, but the evil sorcerer Rothbart (Jack Palance), desiring the throne for himself, enchants the princess Odette (Michelle Nicastro). She is a swan by day, and becomes a woman only when the moon rises. Prince Derek (Howard McGillin) refuses to accept another bride and continues to search for his lost love. When he finds her, Derek must fight the sorcerer to free her from the spell. Winner of the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence and the Parent’s Choice Award, this adventure exhibits high quality animation and a blend of romantic and humorous musical numbers. The animal characters are fun without being too cute, including Jean-Bob the frog who thinks he is a prince, given voice by John Cleese. The subtle layering of spiritual symbolism makes this film intelligent enough for adults to enjoy as well as children.~Lucinda Ramsey

Don’t forget to get your copy today! You can either add it to your collection or give it to someone special this Holiday Season.