On my first night in LA for The Jungle Book Event, we headed on over to AMC Burbank 16 to “experience” The Jungle Book through Dolby Cinema.

The Jungle Book at AMC Burbank 16

I use the word “experience” instead of watching because Dolby Cinema combines the most powerful image and sound technologies with inspired cinema design to pull you more deeply into the story and transform your visit into a completely captivating event. It is pretty awesome!

The Jungle Book Dolby Cinema Experience

As you enter the cinema, a signature entrance and dynamic audio/video pathway launch your journey into the movie.

Dolby Cinema Experience

Inside, you find atmospheric lighting, premium seats with ideal sight lines, a room that is carefully designed to minimize distractions, and a curved wall-to-wall-to-ceiling screen.


Before the film started, Stuart Bowling, the Director of Content and Creative Relations at Dolby Laboratories shared what makes the Dolby Cinema experience so unique. We even got to see clips of some of our favorite movies so that we could see and feel the difference.

Dolby Cinema

Here are 3 things that make Dolby Cinema so awesome:

  • Dolby Vision transforms your cinema and TV viewing experiences with astonishing brightness, contrast, and color.
  • Dolby Atmos creates powerful, moving audio by introducing two important concepts to cinema sound: audio objects and overhead speakers. Sound comes from all directions, including overhead, to fill the cinema with astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth.
  • The sounds of the onscreen story move all around you in three-dimensional space, so you feel like you’re inside the action.

Dolby and AMC Theatres are partnering to launch Dolby Cinema™ at AMC Prime™ locations across the United States.

Don’t forget that The Jungle Book opens in theaters 4/15/16.

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*I was invited by Disney to cover the press junket for The Jungle Book. All opinions are my own.