There is something about Magic that appeals to you, no matter your gender or how old you are. My husband loves magic, he actually used to be a Magician’s assistant, so when I told him we had gotten tickets to see The Illusionsist – Live From Broadway at The Arsht Center he was all for it. So, this past Tuesday my hubby and I enjoyed a date night.


The Illusionists – Live From Broadway is a show that will fill you with wonder. We were both so impressed by the show! There was never a dull moment, especially when you get to enjoy 7 Illusionist as part of one show.

The Illusionists…


Andrew Basso, The Escapologist

He is Italy’s star escape artist.

Ben Blaque, The Weapon Master

I think he was one of our favorite! I only wish we had seen more of him. He used his crossbow to do some pretty cool things.

Colin Cloud, The Deductionist

He was good! So good that I want to know how he did it. Prepare to be amazed by what he will deduce about your audience.

Dan Sperry, The Anti-Conjuror

At some points I had to look away but because what he was doing was so cool, I had to look again.

Jeff Hobson, The Trickster

He had us cracking up!

Kevin James, The Inventor

It was very mad scientist like and creative

Yu Ho-Jin, The Manipulator

His card tricks were really good!!!

It’s not to late for you to go and see The Illusionist – Live From Broadway at The Arsht Center.


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