When I entered the room to chat with The Good Dinosaur Screenwriter Meg LaFauve and Story Supervisor Kelsey Mann, I had no idea I was in the room where “the magic happened”.  It was in that very room that the story development team gathered to take the story from words on a page and bring it to life visually. They actually collaborated and gathered in a way that Walt Disney used to do with his story telling team, the story development team all gathered together in one room giving each other notes and drawing while music played. *The whole movie gets broken down into sequences, like pie pieces, so they would end up working on their part on their own and they would feel like they weren’t working on the whole film…working together in the same room changed that. It was inspiring.

We were actually sitting like they did as we chatted with them…

The Good Dinosaur Story Development Fun Facts

  • Their team comes up with image after image to tell the story visually, ultimately making the movie.
  • Thousands of drawings take place while they are story boarding.
  • Pete, the director, used to be in the story department…Kelsey Mann actually said he was one of the best.
  • As the screenwriter, Meg has to feel the story, own it and then let it go because it is Pete’s story. Her job is to tell the story as he wants it brought into the world.

The Good Dinosaur will be in theaters on Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to see it with my family this week.