Gotta love it when a plan comes together. Thanks to Kia’s invitation, this past Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I headed on over to the Orlando for an unexpected, mini getaway that involved dinner at Capone’s and some time at the Orlando Auto Show. It was fun spending time with the family as we got to check out the latest from Kia and take part of their ride and drive experience.

As a group of five (my mom was with us) they offered us the 2017 Kia Sedona to take for a drive, since it offers a lot of space. No complaints on our end. I’ve said it before but it is worth mentioning again, my husband and I were of the anti-van mentality up until our epic Kia Sedona family adventure.

Not only did the one we test drive have multiple sun roofs and back seats that actually reclined, but it also fit all of us comfortably. I had the drive shop rep, Marcus, in the passenger seat next to me while my 6’6 husband sat right behind me and my mom (who has a bad knee and was walking around in crutches) sat behind Marcus and they had plenty of leg room. Even the kiddos were happy in the last row (and typically those have very minimal leg space). It felt good to be behind the wheel of a Kia Sedona again and actually made us miss the one we had.

After our Kia ride and drive, we headed on in to see the Kia line of vehicles inside the Orlando Auto Show. It was cool seeing all of their vehicles in one spot without feeling like you are at a car dealership. Whether you are a consumer or car enthusiast, you are able to ask questions about the cars, sit in them and check them out. Here’s a tip: If you want to check out how much leg space a vehicle has, put your giant husband in the trunk, LOL. It’s not the official (or the best) way to go about doing that but it made us laugh.

I drove the Kia K900 a couple of years ago and loved it so I wanted to sit behind the wheel for a second. Of course, the kiddos jumped in. A mom can’t even get a moment of peace in the car while at the auto show! *It’s not like there weren’t over 15 other Kia cars there they could have sat in.

The only car we weren’t able to sit it, was the Kia Stinger (as you can see it was on display…as it should be). I am super excited to test drive that car. *I’m still hoping that I’ll go outside Christmas morning and see that bad boy parked in my driveway with a big red bow on it…what? a girl can dream!

We had a fun time and really enjoyed checking out the latest and greatest from Kia. Gotta say, we had a nice Thanksgiving holiday…what about you? What special memories did you create together as a family this year? If there is an Auto Show coming to your area, go check it out and if you do, be sure to look for Kia and check out their ride and drive as well.

***Thank you again Kia for your invitation. Although I have partnered with Kia on this post and received compensation, all opinions are my own!