Should You Call Corporate?

My answer is YES. I believe that communication with Corporations for both complaints and compliments are very important.

There are times when you come across some very friendly people who take the time to help you or patiently wait as you go through your stack of coupons. If that is the case, a nice way of thanking them is to call Corporate to express that gratitude.

On the other hand, if you ever have a problem at a store using your coupons…whether it’s because they won’t accept the coupon, they act as though you are bothering them by using your coupons, the best thing to do is to call Corporate. In this case, calling corporate is not simply about filing a complaint or trying to get someone in trouble…it is about clearing up any confusion in the hopes that it will not happen again.

When it comes to resolving a coupon issue, it is important that we each do our part…when we are united, the chances of being heard and the problem being fixed is more likely to happen. If you assume that someone else will call, maybe they are thinking the same thing…so in the end No One Calls.

So here are some of the reasons in which you should contact corporate

  • A good shopping experience
  • A bad shopping experience – Cashier and or Manager were just plain mean and rude or anything else.
  • Change in Coupon Policy – accepting Internet coupons, competitor coupons, stacking coupons, etc.
  • Questions in general

You should be prepared before calling, here are some tips:

  • Look on the receipt for the store number and/or location handy. If you do not have that handy, they can look it up for you.

  • If you are calling about a specific person, whether for praise or a complaint, you should know their full name.
  • If you are calling about a specific product, you should probably have that product with you just in case they have any specific questions about the product (i.e. upc code).

Corporate Contact Information:

Bi-Lo: 1-800-862-9293 or email

CVS: 1-888-607-4287 or email

Food Lion: 1-800-210-9569 or email

Harris Teeter: 1-800-432-6111 or email

H-E-B: 1-800-432-3113 or H-E-B Web Survey

Kroger: 1-866-221-4141 or email

Office Depot: 1-800-463-3768 or email

Office Max: 1-877-633-4236

Publix: 1-800-242-1227 or email

Rite Aid: 1-800-748-3243 or email

Staples: 1-800-333-3330 or email

Target: 1-800-440-0680 or email

Walgreens: 1-877-250-5823 or email

Wal-Mart: 1-800-925-6278 or email

Winn Dixie: 1-866-946-6349 or email

If you have any comments you would like to share or if you have any questions please leave a comment.