The last time I painted, I was with my husband on a date night and we really enjoyed it. Wanting to do something similar with friends, we just couldn’t seem to make it happen, until now. In celebration of the release of Snatched, we gathered together for a Snatched At-Home Paint Night at my house.

It was a night filled with fun and lots of laughter as we watched Snatched and painted. It was so much fun that we are already talking about when we are doing the next one and I have already purchased some more canvases. Before letting the creative juices flow, we ate (because I love food and basically need it to function) and got caught up with eachother.

Snatched dinner

Because we couldn’t handle watching the movie while painting, we decided to watch Snatched first. Given how much we laughed during the film, it set the mood for a great and fun evening of painting afterwards.

Watching Snatched R

Even though one of our friends had to head home because she worked the next day, the rest of us were ready to paint. So we grabbed one of my hubby’s old tees and put them on as smocks.

Snatched At-Home Paint Night Canvas (Pre) R

Because we didn’t want to take any chances with our painting (and we needed as much help as possible), we found a YouTube tutorial and got to work. Stopping to chat and perfect whatever task we had next, we slowly made our way through the video.

Snatched At-Home Paint Night R

With the help of a video tutorial, here are our masterpieces. I’d like to say that mine was the best one but unfortunately, I don’t think that was the case. It’s OK though because there is always next time.

Snatched is officially available on Digital and Blu-Ray so make sure you download and/or purchase your copy today. If you feel inspired, you can also do your own Snatched At-Home Paint Night. Here’s what you would need: