Secret Headquarters is a new family superhero film on Paramount+. Want to know if Secret Headquarters is kid-friendly? is it worth watching? Read on for my Spoiler Free Secret Headquarters Movie Review and Parent’s Guide.

Secret Headquarters

What’s the Story?

While hanging out after school, Charlie and his friends discover the headquarters of the world’s most powerful superhero hidden beneath his home. When villains attack, they must team up to defend the headquarters and save the world.

The Visuals

What you should know


There is some language in Secret Headquarters that parents should be mindful of. Those words include cr*p, bastard, d*mn, butt, hell, piss, loser, idiot, stupid, and phrases such as “butt munchers”.


It’s a superhero film, so expect to see the use of weapons and explosions. There bad guys, a death scene, kids being held hostage and some fight scenes (some of which are played down with the use of comedy).

Mature Content

There is quite a bit of mature content for a family film and while some of it may or may not be considered “mature”, it definitely doesn’t set a good example of what kids should do. That includes underage driving, lying to parents, and cheating on a test. As for the “mature” content, one person loses his pants, there’s a kiss between two teenagers, and kids handling weapons. There are also some mature issues in the story of the film, such as divorce and an absent father. As I mentioned earlier, kids are being held hostage at gunpoint.

Cast of Secret Headquarters

Movie Rating

Secret Headquarters is rated PG

Release Date

August 12th, on Paramount+

Is It Any Good?

We really enjoyed the film, even the kiddos who seem to be more picky and opinionated these days. We enjoyed the mix of the superhero aspects combined with the comedy. Michael Pena was a scene stealer, so much so that it was hard to stay upset with him as the “bad guy”. While I do recommend you watch this film as a family, I did feel that they left some things unexplained.

Michael Pena in Secret Headquarters

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Secret Headquarters is now available exclusively on Paramount+.