Given how much we all enjoyed the movie Inside Out, I was happy that not only would I be getting Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out on Blu-Ray/DVD but I’d also get to see Riley’s First Date, a short film that I really enjoyed watching at the D23 Expo.

Riley's First Date

While in San Francisco, I got to sit down and chat with Riley’s First Date Director Josh Cooley and Producer Mark Nielsen.

Leanette Fernandez with Josh Cooley & Mark Nielsen REV

During our chat, I learned the following Riley’s First Date Fun Facts…

  • Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers does the voice of one of the emotions inside Jordan’s head, his line is ““Dude what is he lookin’ at?”.
  • Josh Cooley came up with the idea for Riley’s First Date while working on the film because he was working on the film for almost 4 plus years.
  • Toward the end of production (for Inside Out), Pete and Jonas started thinking about doing a short film for the DVD and they asked Josh to really start thinking about it. It was made during the end making Inside Out.
  • It took them about 10 months from when Josh first pitched it to both Pete and Jonas and then also to John Lasseter, who is the Executive Producer on the film, to the time that they had their final sound mix up at Sky Walker Ranch.
  • Josh pitched them Riley’s First Date and one about Bing Bong…obviously, they liked Riley’s First Date.
  • The fact that the director, co-director and editor all have daughters led to a conversation about how they had nothing to worry about until they brought home a boy led to the idea of creating this short film.
  • They chose ACDC because they wanted to settle on something that was iconic and something that both Jordan, as a kid can be into and could be familiar with as well as the Dad.
  • Josh is the Co-Director for Toy Story 4…He’s worked with John Lasseter since Day 1 at Pixar. The first movie he worked on was Cars.

Be sure to check out Riley’s First Date in Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out, now available on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital!