As a mom, there are so many times that we feel like we haven’t done enough or we’ve messed up in some way. I have a case of Mom Guilt way too often. Can you relate?

Mom guilt is no joke unless it’s the basis of a fun movie us moms can totally relate to. That’s why the movie Bad Moms is a must see! Especially when you are watching it with some of your favorite ladies.


I hosted a Bad Moms movie night to celebrate its DVD release and we were sent a box filled with Bad Moms goodies for my friends to enjoy (wine glasses, wine carrier, adult coloring books, eye mask and ear plugs.


I went ahead and put it all together in a goodie bag along with their favorite movie snack


These shot glasses and wine opener set were so cute, I had to make sure one of the ladies didn’t walk off with them.


We ate at the table, shared #MomFail stories and laughed ….ALOT. It was a great night!


Bad Moms was funny but we laughed even more at the gag reel & deleted scenes. By the end of the night, our cheeks hurt from all the laughing.


Be sure to check out Bad Moms on Digital HD, Blu-Ray DVD or on Demand.


Thinking of hosting your own Bad Moms Night In? Here are some fun ideas you can do.

About Bad Moms

Amy (Mila Kunis) has a great husband, overachieving children, beautiful home and successful career. Unfortunately, she’s also overworked, exhausted and ready to snap. Fed up, she joins forces with two other stressed-out mothers (Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn) to get away from daily life and conventional responsibilities. As the gals go wild with their newfound freedom, they set themselves up for the ultimate showdown with PTA queen bee Gwendolyn and her clique of seemingly perfect moms.

*I was sent these goodies to enjoy a movie night in with my girls. However, ALL opinions are my own.