Day 3 of my journey with World Vision in the Dominican Republic was another day full of emotions! Being around the kids and seeing them do what they can to help make their lives better was very moving.  Plus, those smiles!!!!!

Here’s a recap:

Watched an anti – bullying skit performed by school children

We were visiting a school built by World Vision to see a skit some of the students created for their classmates as part of an Anti-Bullying Campaign. As our bus pulled up to the school, smiling faces ran our way and lined the fence as they anxiously awaited for us to step through the fence towards their school. They were super excited to see us and we were super excited to see them.

World Vision School Selfie

Look at those faces!

Kids at World Vision School in DR

With so many children being abused physically and verbally at home, those learned behaviors unfortunately make their way into the schools. They want to change that which is why they offer anti-bullying workshops. The goal of these workshops is to help the children learn how to talk through their problems, properly express themselves, and to seek help when they need it. Definitely traits that can help them throughout their lives.

World Vision Anti-Bullying

This particular school currently has 10 kids in their workshop which is being led by Sucra, a former sponsored child herself. The kids created their own skit with the help of the teacher and then they share it with the school. What’s great is that it will essentially extend beyond the school and into their homes and community.

Visited the radio program studio and interacted with the youth leadership

Youth Radio Program in the DR

Jovenes Protagonists que Cambian el Mundo (Young Protagonists Changing the World) is a live radio show that is produced by teens every week and airs for an hour on Pesa 92.3 FM. These bright kids began their show after attending workshops provided by World Vision. In those workshops they were taught how to speak on air, how to structure a story, how to conduct interviews and they even had national radio professionals comes in to provide them training.

These kids are amazing! They know what they want and they are going for it. Our time with them was so special that I want to dedicate another post to how they left me impressed and inspired…so be on the lookout for that.

Visited the home of a child in need of a sponsor

Meet Geibel, a little boy who is part of the World Vision program but still needs a sponsor.

Montero Welcome Sign

At one point he went outside and played baseball with his brother *Do you see what his brother is using for a glove? So creative!


Partner with World Vision

Looking to help a child in need, like Geibel? Visit: to find out more on how your $39 a month not only helps a child and their family but also their community. Together, we can fight poverty and help build sustainable communities where children can grow up healthy, strong, and protected!