A little over a year ago, a few of my blogging buddies told me about an amazing conference called “Disney Social Media Moms”. Once I heard the word “Disney” I was immediately intrigued…after all, anything involving Disney is Magical right? When they went on to say that this conference allowed you to bring your family with you, I knew I wanted to attend BUT the only way to attend is to be invited. Thankfully, this year my family and I were invited to attend and pretty soon we will be headed off to the most magical place on earth, Disney World. Needless to say, I am both honored to have been invited this year and I am very, very, very excited!!!

Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2013 Button - 2

I love conferences because it allows me to hear and learn from some amazing speakers and I get to meet and connect with some incredible bloggers. However, I struggle with leaving my family behind, even if it is only for a few days. That is one of the reasons why the Disney Social Media Moms Conference is so special, being able to bring them with me and being able to enjoy all that Disney has to offer together is icing on the cake.

I don’t know the exact itinerary yet (they keep most of it a surprise) but from what I do know, they have some incredible things in store for my family and I. So far, I know that we will be attending a special ceremony with all of the princesses, get to watch a special screening Monster University and who knows what other goodies they have in store for us.

Plus, my family and I will be staying at the Contemporary Resort for 3 nights (we opted to not extend our stay but hopefully e ill make another trip out there) and I have only heard fantastic things about that Resort. Of course I’ll be sharing my hotel experience with you. When checking out the Contemporary Resort’s website, I read that they have a water slide and if time permits, I we may just have to check it out.

I haven’t felt this excited about Disney since I was a kid and it is a wonderful feeling!!!!! I look forward to sharing it all with you, so join me and my family on this adventure on Twitter by following @TeachMe2Save & #DisneySMMoms