This morning, I was able to take my daughter on a Mommy & Daughter Date to see the movie “The Muppets”, officially being released in theaters on 11/23. (Thank you for the tickets Mark)

It was a really cute movie and my daughter seemed to Enjoy it. I found it interesting that the adults seemed more excited to see the movie than the children did…I guess it has to do with being nostalgic for some of them.

I am happy to report that “The Muppets” was a funny and entertaining movie that did not have inappropriate innuendo’s that unfortunately most kid movies have these days.

Une of the benefits of going to the movies is that they have NACHOS!!! I hate to admit this but I was eating Nachos at 10:00am…I just can’t resist Nachos, I LOVE them!!!!!

I asked my daughter what character she liked the best and she said “Ms. Piggy” – I wasn’t surprised….LOL

Click HERE to visit the official site and to watch the Trailer.

Did you watch The Muppets while growing up? Will you be going to see The Muppets in theaters?…Let us know – we would love to hear from you.