My hubby and I had been wanting to go to Monster Jam but we wanted to make sure our youngest (who is now 4) would be old enough to enjoy it and this was the year!  Prior to going to see the Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam, my hubby went on to their website to get our kids hyped up by watching some footage from their previous events and he also went through all of the trucks that would be there that night.  Once my family knew that both Spider-Man & Iron Man would be there, they were rooting for them.

We bought the kids Monster Jam shirts to wear that evening and we also bought ourselves ear protectors since it can get really loud in there.  We were ready!!!

The monster trucks started out by racing each other. Sometimes it was to close to call the winner so they had to do a re-play.  Although we were rooting for Spider-Man & Iron Man, my daughter and I quickly started rooting for Madusa because the truk was driven by a female, Debra Miceli, and us girls have got to stick together!  Plus, it was Debra’s birthday, so we had to support her.  At that point, we were a family divided….

I really enjoyed the Freestyle portion. That’s where the trucks drive over piles of cars, soar across the air and almost stand straight up (can cars stand?not sure if I used the correct terminology) while we’re at the edge of our seats wondering if the truck is going to flip.  Unfortunately Madusa flipped over (she wasn’t hurt) but it was awesome to see! (is that bad to say?)

The slideshow below has a ton of pics of the Monster Trucks

[slideshow id=15]
The Monster Jam was exciting and we really had a good time.  I hope that we can go again next Feb. when it is back in our area.