I didn’t know much about the Mannequin Challenge, actually I still don’t, but some of my family and I ended up doing one this past Saturday. We were sitting at breakfast eating our pastelitos and drinking our cafe con leche discussing the passing of Fidel Castro and what that meant for our families who had to flee Cuba and the idea of doing the Mannequin Challenge came up. Now, it’s not your typical Mannequin Challenge…it’s done Cuban Style. What does that mean? It means each person in the challenge represents the Cuban culture.


Watch the quick video and see if you can spot them all out. If you are Cuban or grew up around Cuban families, you may get them fairly quickly. If not, I have listed them below.

Did you spot them all?

  • The cafetera to make Cuban coffee
  • The news of Fidel’s passing on the Television
  • My Brother-In-Law banging pots and pans because of the news while wearing a gGayabera with a Cuban cigar in his mouth (*not really being smoked because Smoking is bad)
  • My husband holding Cuban bread in one hand with a cafecito in the other
  • My son and my niece playing a game of dominos with a box of yummy pastelitos and croquettas next to them
  • My daughter using an old school Cuban mop (the stick and orange cloth) with a knocked over bottle of Fabuloso next to her
  • My Sister-In-Law pretending like she is going to hit my daughter with a Chancleta for spilling the Fabuloso

I wore a bathrobe and shower cap at the beginning of the video because we didn’t have the Bata de Casa (house PJ’s) and some rollers for my hair.

Hope you enjoyed it!!!