Mainstream is an interesting take to influencers, their rise to fame, and the impact they make on the lives of the followers. You can check out my official Mainstream Movie Review here. As I was watching, I went ahead a jotted down a few of the most interesting Mainstream movie quotes for you to enjoy.


Mainstream Movie Quotes

  • Eat the Art – Link
  • Let’s get weird – Jake
  • Hey – Frankie
  • Hay is for horses – Link
  • I’m going to check the roan man schedule. He’s a busy guy – Link
  • That’s Hollywood when even the bugs love the spotlight – Judy
  • You do know that they pay me to do that – Frankie
  • Well, you didn’t seem to be enjoying yourself – Link
  • If you’re in a costume it’s easier to spot the other freaks – Link
  • I want to make things that make other people feel things – Frankie
  • You want to make art or chase useless affirmations from strangers? – Link
  • I thought phones were crack cocaine – Frankie
  • Well to defeat the beast, first you’ve got to get into its belly – Link
  • Get up. we’ve got to cast the demons out – Link
  • You’ve got to be dumb to be smart – Link
  • That’s my name. That’s my given name. – Link
  • People came – Frankie
  • Yo, don’t wake the dead – Link
  • It’s crazy how good at this he is, huh? – Jake
  • Who’s that guy you were talking to in the graveyard? – Jake
  • No one Special, it’s a pleasure – Mark
  • I wouldn’t want to get in the way of you doing your thing- Frankie
  • If we do this, you know, there’s no going back – Link
  • You want to feel my carpet? – Link
  • You know I see you right? – Jake
  • You see me? – Link
  • I see you – Jake
  • I didn’t know the end of the world wasn’t sexy – Jake
  • We are disfiguring ourselves – Link
  • We are stopping nothing my friend – Mark
  • Can you give him a helping hand? – Link
  • You’re so jealous of him, it’s pathetic – Frankie
  • Who am I? I am worthless. I hate myself. I am no one special – Link
  • This is just feeling so right. Like we’re about to go stratespheric. – Link
  • Your success contradicts your message does it not – Ted
  • God, I love that Desmond – Link
  • Get off the cross, we need the wood – Ted
  • Hey, always us – Link
  • Have you told me one single thing that was true? – Frankie
  • I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t stop you – Frankie
  • You’re trying to kill me too – Link
  • We’re not real to each other anymore. we’re just using each other – Link
  • You’re all dead. You’re all dumb – Link
  • I don’t want to lose you but I don’t want you to stray jacket me – Link
  • All I need to know is, are you with me or are you against me? – Link

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A young woman finds a path to internet stardom when she starts making videos with a charismatic stranger.