My hubby and I really enjoyed Love and Monsters. The concept was cool and it was a funny film, which sounds super off when talking about monsters but it really is. Joel’s character is so likeable but also extremely funny without even trying to be. So, here’s a list of Love and Monsters Movie Quotes that really stood out to me. Oh, and if you want to know all my thoughts on the film, you should check out my Love and Monsters Movie Review.

Love and Monsters Movie Quotes

  • Yeah probably not for the same reasons – Joel
  • I sure wish you were here Amy. I’d love for you to meet everyone- Joel
  • Why did that feel rehearsed? Joel
  • They need help. I’m going – Joel
  • Did I shoot it or did you? Joel
  • I have a pretty severe freezing problem but I am working on it – Joel
  • Why do I have a beard? – Aimee
  • Kind of feels like everything is impossible these days – Aimee
  • We’ve lost a lot of people over the years. You think you get numb to them, but you don’t – Joel
  • Aimee, I love you – Joel
  • It’s an impossible journey Joel – Tim
  • It’s time for someone else to make the Minestrone – Joel
  • Ok, it doesn’t sound as important when you say it out loud – Tim
  • Don’t fight. Just run and hide – Pacharo’s character
  • Nice place. Can I sit? – Joel
  • You all alone? Yeah, me too – Joel
  • I should stop talking to a dog = Joel
  • I don’t sound like that, my voice is not that high pitched – Joel
  • Yes it is – Minnow and Clyde
  • He’s a food stealer – Minnow
  • Ever heard the term, “a fool’s errand”? – Clyde
  • You’re braining out – Minnow
  • No need to be sorry. We all have stories like that, don’t we? – Clyde
  • It’s got your scent too, they’re hard to shake – Clyde
  • I just like you because you have a really cute dog – Minnow
  • Thank you Mr. Bolder Snail – Minnow and Clyde
  • There ain’t nothing lucky about getting kicked out the food chain – Clyde
  • You’re more of a survivor that I thought – Clyde
  • You sure your girl is worth it? Coming all this way. – Joel
  • Lesson 2: You get a hot meal or a good night’s sleep, not both – Clyde
  • I can’t tell you everything man, keep up – Clyde
  • Lesson 3: Don’t take short cuts – Joel
  • Lesson 8: Target practice every day – Joel
  • Lesson 10: Keep your socks dry – Joel
  • I take back what I said before. Aimee is going to love you – Minnow
  • Final Lesson: Listen to your instincts out here, they’ll keep you alive – Clyde
  • Good instincts are learned by making mistakes – Clyde
  • I know. I’m going to miss them too. It’s a good decision though – Joel
  • Nothing we haven’t seen before. we’ve just go to be brave – Joel
  • Years ago, I was bitten by something I didn’t have the chance to name – Mav1s
  • This is all so exciting – Mav1s
  • You can tell me, as I am an empathetic listener. Plus, my memory banks will be eliminated in 14 minutes – Mav1s
  • That’s awesome. I felt like Tom Cruise – Joel
  • It’s not looking good and by “it” I mean I don’t know what I was talking about – Joel
  • It was terrible. I almost died a lot. – Joel
  • You were hallucinating pretty hard. You kissed Old Pete. – Aimee
  • No. I didn’t get caught stealing food – Joel
  • I feel like Ive got King Kong’s nuts on my shoulder – Rocco
  • This is our shot at survival. Give Cap a chance – Aimee
  • I’ve got nothing – Joel
  • You simply surviving that journey is incredible – Colony member
  • You can always tell in the eyes – Joel
  • Oh Sh*t we’re going to die. We’re dying – Rocco
  • Amazing? Me? – Joel
  • I’m so glad you came – Aimee
  • Thanks for inspiring me to take this trip. It’s the best decision I ever made – Joel
  • I’ll come find you – Aimee
  • I’m alive because of the generosity of a few strangers and the kindness of a great dog – Joel
  • I don’t think hiding underground is the answer anymore – Joel
  • If you are lucky enough to survive a few mistakes, you’re going to do alright out here – Joel
  • It won’t be easy but it will be worth it – Joel
  • One last thing, don’t settle. You don’t have to. Not even at the end of the world. – Joel

Love and Monsters, is now available at home from Paramount Pictures and available on Premium Video on Demand.

More about Love and Monsters

Seven years after the Monsterpocalypse, Joel Dawson, along with the rest of humanity, has been living underground ever since giant creatures took control of the land. After reconnecting over the radio with his high school girlfriend, Aimee, who is now 80 miles away at a coastal colony, Joel begins to fall for her again. As Joel realizes that there’s nothing left for him underground, he decides to venture out to Aimee, despite all the dangerous monsters that stand in his way.


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