My kiddos and I started off our summer right with a visit to Jungle Island with some friends this past Tuesday. There is so much to do there…See & Interact with the animals, Jungle Shows, Elephant Ride, La Playa, Petting Zoo, Manu Encounter & More

Jungle Island


Do you and/or your kiddos love animals? If so, Jungle Island is the place to go. We were able to see, interact and even take pictures with the animals throughout Jungle Island. I loved getting to hold the animals and I was so proud and impressed with my 4 year old son who held every animal he could.


As soon as we walked in we were able to take a picture with some beautiful parrots and it made for a great pic with some of our closest friends. I loved the parrot my son was holding, it was either playing dead or acting like it was asleep…I’m not sure which it was but either way it was funny and my son seemed to get a kick out of it.


Plus, you can actually feed the Parrots.  The food is only a quarter, so be sure to bring some quarter with you.

Jungle Island - feeding parrotsJungle Island - feeding parrots 3

Jungle Shows

The Winged Wonders show was our first stop and we enjoyed seeing and learning about various birds.  I loved how a lot of the birds flew in over the crowd from behind, you feel like you need to move out of their way as they fly to the stage (but you don’t).

Jungle Island the winged wonders show

We also checked out Dr. Wasabi’s Wild Adventures and saw penguins, a Lama, a Lemur, a porcupine, alligator and other animals.

Jungle Island Wasabi Adventure ShowJungle Island Wasabi Adventure Show 2

Elephant Ride

I am all about experiencing new adventures, so when I saw that we could take a ride on Judy the elephant I went for it.  For $20 you get to take a ride on the elephant and you get (2) printed 5×7 photos.   Although I thought the ride could have been a bit longer, it was still worth it because how often can you say you’ve ridden an elephant?


La Playa

It has been raining so much in South Florida these past few weeks that I as a bit nervous but thankfully it only rained on the way there but was over with by the time we got there.  Unfortunately that meant it was HOT but La Playa (their private beach) area helped cool the kiddos off.  There they can play in the sand, go in the water, go into a water bounce house and even use a sling shot to throw water balloons.

Jungle Island La Playa


If you get the chance to take pictures with various animals throughout the park you should consider getting a CD of all the photos to remember it all by.  I actually prefer a CD of photos over printed ones and I know that I’ll cherish these pics.


Disclosure: My family and I were invited to attend Jungle Island so that we could experience Jungle Island for ourselves and so that I could share my experience with you fabulous readers. ALL opinions are my own and the smiles you see in the pics are genuine.