Although I’d like to say that I have a rock hard stomach with no stretch marks, that would be a lie. In fact, that is the exact opposite. I know that exercising is a way to tighten and firm your body but given my track record, working out is a struggle and even if I were to make it happen, there are some areas that are harder to tighten and firm up than others. Plus, no amount of exercise would take away the stretch marks (although I wish that was in fact the case). So, when I was invited to try out Icoone® Laser Treatment at Carmen Care Lasers, I was all for it.

If you have never heard of Icoone® before…

“Icoone® is the innovative, non-invasive massage technology for an effective, fast and safe body treatment, available also with the power of light and laser energy. This revolutionary technology offers a safe and pleasant new approach to treat the connective tissue with amazing results, reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, draining the excess liquids and firming the skin.”

Do you see why I was ready to give it a try? I immediately booked an appointment and went on in for my first session last Tuesday. While they can do the treatment on your legs/buttocks, stomach or face, I of course, opted to treat the stomach area.

Here’s a brief overview of the 45 minute treatment process. (if you are doing the stomach area as well):

They have you enter the room where the treatment will take place (as pictured above) and you’ll need to change into a white sheer “body sock” that they provide to you. It looks super tiny (like it was meant for a toddler) but fear not, you will fit into it. I did…slowly but surely, LOL.

You then lay down and the treatment begins. She started with massaging the lymph nodes in my stomach and legs. Confession: I had no idea we had lymph nodes all over our body

Next, they then drain the fat cells

After that, they laser the fat

They end the treatment by tightening the skin

Here is a short video recap about my first Icoone Laser Treatment at Carmen Care Lasers.

I’ll be sharing more posts that will include a more in depth look at the process and of course my results, so please keep checking back for that.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to comment below or reach out via social media. Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. I opted to space them out so I have another appointment tomorrow morning (2/13). Be sure to follow along on my Instagram Stories to find out more about the Icoone Laser Treatment and the process.

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***As I mentioned before, I was invited to try/experience 4 treatments so that I can share my honest opinions with you all. As always, all opinions are my own.