I did it! After years of dealing with endometriosis and the pain associated with it, I finally had a hysterectomy.

I’ve had some time to think it (being on bed rest and all) over and realized the best parts about having surgery/getting a hysterectomy are…

***I have lost some weight. I am not sure how much a uterus weighs but I’ll take whatever weight dropping win I can get. ?

***I have been told by the doctor NOT to exercise. I mean, I wasn’t planning on doing it but now I have a reason not to for another 7 weeks ?️‍♀️

***Being on “bed rest” (minus the toy drives) has allowed me to binge watch a bunch of the shows on my DVR ?

***Men, skip this one………Ladies, the best part about getting a hysterectomy is that I am FREE from Eve’s curse. If I was able to dance without being in pain, I’d insert a happy dance here ?

Seriously though, God is good and I am just so thankful I can start 2019 without all this medical stuff looming over me. ?