Having loved Beauty and the Beast growing up, Gugu Mbatha-Raw shared just how happy she was to have the role of Featherduster in Disney’s live-action film, Beauty And The Beast.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw Shares 7 Fun Facts About Her Role in Beauty And The Beast

Gugu Mbatha-Raw R

  • Gugu thought the idea of playing a feather duster was both whimsical and fun.
  • She worked on her French accent with a dialect coach.
  • Although they didn’t record together, Gugu did meet at the Waltz dance rehearsal. “It’s a great way to sort of get to know your co-star, we were learning the ballroom dance for the end scene and that was kind of really fun. When you’re both learning something together and stumbling…Ewan is such a generous actor and has such a great sense of humor. So it was great working with him.”
  • Gugu was “pleasantly surprised to see that they made her into this sort of flying dove like peacock like, a very dainty creation.”…In the costume fitting, they played around with the bird theme.


  • While in the recording studio, she did flap her arms a lot, “…because I was trying to sort of get into the likeness of what it would be like to fly.”
  • Hopes that the audience sees this film and that “people will get swept up in the romance and the music is just so iconic. I love the message that beauty is found within. It’s an oldie but a goodie. But, really for this film, the idea to look a little deeper, see the human within each and every person, even if the exterior is something that intimidates you or you’re not familiar with. There’s always a human underneath it all. I think to try to connect to somebody’s soul, is really important.”
  • Thoughts on the music: “…the power of the score transports you. I think there’s just something about that music that is so romantic and hits you on an emotional level that you can’t not be swept up in it.”

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