My 11 year old sister is a BIG fan of Glee so I thought it would be fun to let her write the review for Glee Season 3 which is now available on DVD….

I’ve always been a big fan of Glee so of course I was excited to watch Glee season 3 with my father. It was amazing and was definitely the best out of all the seasons. Glee Season 3 springs into action on the first episode with “The Purple Piano Project” in which Mr. Shue gives the choir, the New Directions, an interesting assignment…They have to break out into song every time they see a purple piano. I know, crazy right? But it was a very interesting way to start off the season.

This season has  a lot to offer and it will hook you immediately. I love their development of the characters in the show. For example, you really start to see the growth of Rachel and Kurt. Season 3 is also jammed packed with lots of elements! They’ve got jaw dropping moments, tears, love, laughter and twists! But most importantly there was a ton of New Songs for the New Directions that will have you singing and dancing right along with them.  So get caught up because Glee Season 4 is coming out on Sept. 13th 2012!!!!

**I wouldn’t recommend that you watch it with young kids because there is some language and scenes that young kids shouldn’t hear or see.