This is a sponsored post with TracFone. All opinions are 100% my own.

Using my TracFone Samsung Galaxy Stardust

These days, I’d hate to admit it but I really have become too dependent on my cell phone considering I pretty much use it for everything, especially as a blogger. That being said, when I don’t have one on me, it feels weird and it pretty much stresses me out.

Unfortunately, I know from experience…

I was in LA on a press trip when I lost my cell phone (the 1st night there) and not being able to talk to my family or have access to my email or take photos left me feeling uneasy (especially being so far away from home & my family). Thankfully, a fellow blogger happened to have an additional cell phone and allowed me to use it while we were together. Between the experience of losing my cell phone and seeing another person have an extra one on them for an emergency, I thought having an extra cell phone could come in handy. Especially with all my travels.

TracFone is one of America’s largest no-contract wireless service providers that offers Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks with the benefit of…No Contracts, No Bills, No Overages, No Credit Checks, & No Activation or Cancellation Fees.

So, a TracFone is what I now have and it was super easy to do.

Getting Started with TracFone

1. Select Your TracFone Phone or Use Your Own

So, I headed on over to BestBuy to choose my TracFone Phone but you can also choose your phone online (I’m just impatient). While there were numerous options, I wanted a phone that allowed me to take great photos and have a battery talk time that would last a while, so I opted for the Samsung Galaxy Stardust Android Smartphone. I have always been happy with Samsung and it happened to be on sale for only $79.99. It also came with a phone case and screen protector ($24.99 value). All of those reasons made it easy for me to select that phone

TracFone Options

Have a smartphone you’d like to use with TracFone Wireless? TracFone just launched its new BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) program, now compatible with 4G LTE smartphones.  If you’d rather use your current phone instead of purchasing a new one, go to to check and see if your phone is compatible and to get more information about the program.

2. Choose A TracFone Plan That Suits Your Needs

Next up was choosing the plan.  I opted for 120 minutes (for talk, text & web), which automatically gets tripled to 360 minutes with TracFone’s Triple Everything benefit (you get 3X talk, 3X text and 3X data when you purchase any no-contract plan for your Android™ smartphone device).  I figured that if I need more minutes I can go and buy them.  Plus, I’m not worried about losing my minutes because with their Unlimited Carryover®, we can keep our unused minutes, texts, and data as long as our service is active and in use within each six month period.

The following types of plans are available:

  • 90-Day Android Smartphone Talk, Text and Data Plans starting at just $19.99
  • International Long Distance: Call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call with all TracFone airtime service plans.

3. Activate your TracFone

Activating my phone was easy! It can be done online or by phone.  I went ahead and did it online…

TracFone Online Activation Process - TM2S

4. Enjoy your TracFone

Once you have your phone, the plan and your phone is activated, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your phone!