)While on the Lady and The Tramp set, Kiersey Clemons (Darling & Yvette Nicole Brown (Aunt Sarah) joined us in between filming for a quick interview. Needless to say, they were both thrilled about being a part of this Disney classic. Get to bring such a beautiful animated film to life was such a joy for both of them. Especially since they both hit it off so well. From what Yvette says, she felt an instant bond with Kiersey which has since led to a lot of shopping together.

Yvette Nicole Brown

They were both so great, but I want to focus on Yvette because there is just something special about her and it is worth sharing. Even as I write this I am reminded of what a joy she was to be around. I know she is going to shine in this role.

Get to know Yvette Nicole Brown…

In what you would think would be one of Nicole’s favorite characters to play, having to act as though she hated dogs was quite difficult for her given her love of dogs. Not to mention that in keeping true to the time period (1910), she also had to wear a corset that didn’t allow her to sit in a way that was comfortable. The struggle is real…

“…I got a call about the audition, and I read the breakdown of the character, and they said that she hates dogs, and I said, well, I can’t do it, because I know my limits as an actor. I’m like, I can’t pretend that I don’t like dogs. I love them…” – Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette is a firm believer that everyone matters. It all stems from how she was brought up, her mom taught her that everybody is special or nobody is.

“…she just kinda told us that either everybody’s special, or nobody is. So you don’t get to walk around in life as if the sun rises on your doorstep, and everybody else is beneath you. Either everybody matters, or nobody matters, and so that kind of equalizes things…” – Yvette Nicole Brown

She attributes her success to The Lord and won’t compromise who she is or what she believes in for any role.

“…The Lord. I can’t do anything without God. I literally decided when I entered this industry, the moment I had to set God down to go forward, I won’t go forward. So that meant if it was a role that I had to put something aside to do it, I wouldn’t do it. If I had to stab someone in the back or step on somebody’s neck to get ahead, I wasn’t gonna go ahead. I need to, at the end of the day, be on the right side of history- number one, and I need to be able to sleep at night. And when you do dirty things, you can’t sleep well. So I like to sleep well. I’m a napper…” – Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette recognizes the importance of making this film and its inclusiveness

“…It’s literally a love letter that we’re making, and it’s not lost on us. This is one of Disney’s biggest properties, and they’re trusting us to do it, and the fact that it’s multi-ethnic and amazing. Everybody’s welcome. Like, the thing that struck me when I first went to set and saw all the background actors, it was everybody…” – Yvette Nicole Brown

Lady and the Tramp in front of a green door

Lady and the Tramp Fun Facts

***The baby in the film is played by triplets.

***We’ll be seeing a lot more of Aunt Sarah in this movie than we did in the animated version.

Want to know more about about our time on set? Check out these Lady and the Tramp Fun Facts we learned from the production designer, John Myhre.

More about Lady and the Tramp

It’s a timeless re-telling of the 1955 animated classic, a pampered house dog and a tough but lovable stray embark on an unexpected adventure and, despite their differences, grow closer and come to understand the value of home. Life is good for Lady, an overachieving American Cocker Spaniel who resides in an upscale suburban neighborhood. Her owners, Jim Dear and Darling, spoil her daily and her neighbors, Jock, an outspoken Scottish Terrier and Trusty, a world-weary Bloodhound, are always within barking distance.

But when a baby enters the picture, Lady is no longer the center of attention, and the arrival of cat-loving Aunt Sarah only complicates matters. Lady soon finds herself alone on the streets in an unwelcoming part of town. Fortunately, Tramp steps in, and the streetwise mongrel is quick to teach her the ways of the world.

Before long, the prim and proper pure bred and the fast-talking mutt are partaking in moonlight strolls in the park and romantic spaghetti dinners by candlelight. Tramp savors the independence of a world without leashes or fences alongside his roguish friends Peg and Bull, but Lady misses the comfort and safety of a family, and soon both must decide where – and with whom – they belong.

Lady and the Tramp is available for streaming on Disney+ November 12th!

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