Are you looking for Frugal and Fun Ideas that you can do this year? Now that you have most likely made plans to live a better, healthier, more frugal, yet more fulfilling life in this coming year, you might need help with how to make that happen. If so, check out these simple things that will make your life a bit more fun in the coming months without breaking the bank. Yes, it is possible.

Frugal and Fun Ideas TM2S

Here are Frugal and Fun Ideas for Every Month of the Year:


The festivities are over and now you can focus more on YOU. This month, take some “me-time” and have a “me” day, even if that means staying home and unplugging from the world. Unwind, relax, and take enjoy some peace and quiet. You deserve it! Want to do some traveling at some point this year? Start putting aside some money for you to do so. Consider doing the 52 week money challenge with me.


Send love notes to all your friends and family this month. Maybe even choose three people to hand deliver the notes to and spend a day or two catching up with friends and loved ones you haven’t connected with in a while. Getting back in touch with those that matter most will open up your world to new adventures that can be had this year.


Check out a local historical attraction this month. The weather is looking nicer and you probably have the urge to be outside (for those of you who have endured the cold). Take a nature trail walk or visit local museums to get out and about, and to learn more about the place in which you live.


If the rain has moved in to provide beautiful May flowers, don’t fret! There’s still plenty you can do indoors this month, like hosting a pot-luck at your home. Invite friends over and have everyone bring an appetizer or a dessert to enjoy. Simply prepare something simple for the main meal. Getting together with your loved ones is always fun.


This is one of the best months to be out and about because the weather is amazing. Get out and take pictures of the flowers, the trees, and all the little animals playing in the grass. Even if you only have a camera on your phone, that’s ok! That’s what I do. If you get some particularly great shots, frame them and make them into fabulous art work for your home or office.


The weather is warming up more and more, and it’s time to hit the beach pool or the lake. Get out there and have some fun in the sun and soak up the rays. Invite friends along for a game of volleyball or just enjoy some time lounging by the water.


This Independence Day, travel to a local war memorial or battlefield and learn more about your local area’s involvement in the nation’s history. Connecting with the history of your town or state can make you more knowledgeable, sure, but it also connects you with your community.


Music festivals abound this month, and it won’t be hard to find one near you. Check out a big show, or even visit a few local bands to support musicians. If you are more into art than music, this is a great month to hit up art galleries. Many artists host shows and street artists perform for crowds in many places. Check your local tourism site to see what your area has to offer.


Get rid of the old things in your house by holding a garage sale. Not only will it free up space for upcoming Christmas gifts, but you can also make some extra cash to spend on presents. You can also choose to help a good cause by offering a percentage of the proceeds to a local charity.


This is usually the time when homecoming games and parades happen, so head to your local events and catch up with old friends. It’s also nice to see the bands play, the floats go by, and to enjoy some fair-type food. Speaking of the fair, this is also the month when most places host their annual local or state fair, so head out to one and indulge in a yummy goodness (I LOVE Elephant Ears!)


Have you ever wanted to see the snow? This is the perfect time to book a trip to such places because most people are traveling to warm climates- that usually means that colder climates are cheaper! Find a great deal online and get to packing.


It’s the most magical time of the year- right? Well, fill it with magic by attending great local events. Go see The Nutcracker, do some ice skating, visit local gift-making shops, and make a calendar of events to get involved in all the local goings-on that makes this time of year so great.  Check out your local publications for ideas.

Here’s hoping that these Frugal and Fun Ideas bring you happiness and special memories this year.

Anymore Frugal and Fun Ideas we should add to the list? I’d love to hear from you.